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Bodos, Muslims seek relief from ethnic violence in Assam

Biju Boro / AFP - Getty Images

Indian displaced villagers wait at a relief camp at Bijni village in Chirang District on July 26, after a week of clashes that left at least 45 people dead.

Utpal Baruah / Reuters

Villagers affected by ethnic riots walk through a paddy field to reach a relief camp near Bijni town in the northeastern Indian state of Assam on July 26.

Anupam Nath / AP

Urmila Gayari, a Bodo woman affected by ethnic violence, holds her two-year-old son at a relief camp at Bijni in Chirang District, Assam, India on July 26.

Tens of thousands of Muslims and Bodos have fled their homes in India's northeastern Assam, and sought shelter in camps in larger towns. Roving armed bands have set ablaze hundreds of tin-roofed homes, many made of hay and clay, in the nearly week-long orgy of violence.