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Boris Johnson, London mayor, stuck on a zip line

Rebecca Denton via @rebeccasbrain on Twitter

Rebecca Denton (rebeccasbrain on Twitter) wrote "Boris Johnson stuck on a zip line in Victoria Park. I kid you not." in her Tweet with this photo.

London Mayor Boris Johnson got stuck midair on a zip line Wednesday during a celebration for 2012 Olympic Games.

ITV, the British partner of NBC News, reported that Johnson had to be pulled the remainder of the way by people on the ground.

According to The Telegraph newspaper, Johnson was the first person to use the zip line, in Victoria Park, East London. "Get me a rope, get me a ladder," ITV quoted him as saying. "I think the brakes got stuck.”

Britain's funniest politician taken very seriously

The Telegraph said witnesses reported that Johnson spent the approximately five minutes suspended in the air waving two British flags and leading the audience in cheering the British Olympic team.

The newspaper quoted a spokesman for Johnson as saying the mayor "remained unbowed" by the incident. "The judges will rightly be marking him down for artistic impression,” the spokesman said.

The cause of the incident was not immediately clear.

London mayor Boris Johnson attempts to make a dramatic entrance at an Olympic party—but gets stranded on a zip wire instead. NBCNews.com's Dara Brown reports.

TODAY's Natalie Morales takes a look at how Internet users across the globe put their own spin on London mayor Boris Johnson's zip-line snag near the Olympic Park.

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