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Elephant killed by train receives proper burial

Anupam Nath / AP

Flowers offered by villagers lie near the trunk of wild Asiatic male elephant which was killed after being hit by a train in Kurkuria village about 31 miles east of Gauhati, India on Aug. 2.

Utpal Baruah / Reuters

Local villagers push an elephant killed by a passenger train near Panbari railway station 31 miles east from Guwahati in the northeastern Indian state of Assam on August 2.

Utpal Baruah / Reuters

Local villagers spread salt over the body of an elephant for it to decompose during the burial near Panbari railway station on Aug. 2.

A female elephant died on Wednesday after it was hit by a passenger train while crossing a railway track searching for food, forest officials said. Local Indian villagers buried the Asiatic pachyderm near the Panbari railway station in Assam.

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