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Somalia marks one year since Islamist militants were driven out of Mogadishu

Abdurashid Abdulle Abikar / AFP - Getty Images

Somalis celebrate during a ceremony to mark the first anniversary of terror group Al-Shabab's withdrawal from Mogadishu at Konis Stadium in the north of the capital on Aug. 6, 2012. Somali president Sheikh Shrif Sheikh Ahmed attended the ceremony and declared the day a national day to be called 'Peace day' and marked each year.

Dai Kurokawa / EPA reports — On Aug. 6 Somalia marked one year since African Union and Somali government forces drove out the hardline Islamist militants al-Shabab from the capital Mogadishu. Life has been returning to normal for many Mogadishu residents since al-Shabab left the city. However, the change is fragile and the Islamist fighters, who control much of the country's southern area, remain a great threat to the stability of the capital. The population of Somali refugees reached more than one million last month according to The United Nations Refugee Agency. Read More

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Dai Kurokawa / EPA

Dock workers carry bags of imported cement at a seaport in Mogadishu, Somalia on Aug. 6.

Dai Kurokawa / EPA

Twelve-year-old Yusuf Abdrahaman lies on a stretcher as he waits to be transported to another clinic in Mogadishu, Somalia on Aug. 6. Abdrahaman was injured when a wall collapsed on him while playing outside.


A Burundian soldier serving with the African Union Mission in Somalia patrols in an armed personnel carrier in Mogadishu on Aug. 6.

Stuart Price / EPA

The Mogadishu fishing harbor stands in Somalia on Aug. 6.

Dai Kurokawa / EPA

Somali women wait to receive treatment at the outpatient clinic run by the African Union in Mogadishu on Aug. 6.

Dai Kurokawa / EPA

African Union soldiers from Uganda play a board game as they rest at their camp in Mogadishu, Somalia on Aug. 6.

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