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Congo crisis exacerbated by heavy rains

Jerome Delay / AP

Internally displaced Congolese children shelter from the rain under plastic sheets as they wait for aid to be distributed in Kibati in eastern Congo on Aug. 8.

U.N. humanitarian chief, Baroness Valerie Amos, trudged through puddles of muddy water on the outskirts of Goma in eastern Congo, to greet some of the 280,000 displaced Congolese who had rivulets of water dripping down their faces as they waited in line.

They were given a sack containing a blanket, pot, plastic sleeping mat, soap, sanitary towels, a jerry can and plastic sheeting to cover tiny huts put together with twigs and leaves. --Associated Press reports

Jerome Delay / AP

Drenching rain punctuated by frightening bursts of thunder and forked lightning add to the misery of some of the 280,000 refugees from Congo's eastern rebellion on Aug. 8 in Kibati, north of Goma, eastern Congo.

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