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Violence intensifying in Syria: the battle continues in Aleppo

Phil Moore / AFP - Getty Images

Syrian rebels fire towards an army sniper in the Salaheddin district of Aleppo on Aug.13.

Goran Tomasevic / Reuters

A rebel sniper with the Free Syrian Army looks through the sight on his rifle inside a house in Aleppo on Aug. 13.

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Reuters reports - The head of the United Nations monitors in Syria said on Monday violence was intensifying across the country, blaming both President Bashar al-Assad's forces and rebel fighters for ignoring the plight of civilians.

"It is clear that violence is increasing in many parts of Syria," General Babacar Gaye, head of the U.N. Supervision Mission in Syria, told journalists in Damascus.

Assad's forces are battling to regain control of the biggest city, Aleppo, from rebel fighters who went on the offensive last month, seizing districts of the capital and the northern commercial hub, as well as several border crossings. Full Story

Goran Tomasevic / Reuters

Free Syrian Army fighters sit behind a barricade in Aleppo on Aug. 13.

Goran Tomasevic / Reuters

A Free Syrian Army fighter helps a woman to run across a street during clashes in Aleppo on Sunday, Aug. 12.

Goran Tomasevic / Reuters

Parents cry over the body of their son on Sunday, Aug. 12, after he was shot by a sniper in the Salaheddine district of Aleppo, Syria, where fighting has raged for almost two weeks.

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Goran Tomasevic / Reuters

After months of protests and violent crackdowns, a look back at the violence that has overtaken the country.