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Mitt Romney and Marco Rubio go airplane bowling

Shannon Stapleton / Reuters

Mitt Romney watches Florida Senator Marco Rubio bowl an orange down the aisle aboard a charter flight from St. Augustine to Miami, Florida, August 13, 2012.

Politico's Ginger Gibson reports that members of the press aboard Mitt Romney's plane engaged the presidential candidate in a time-honored campaign tradition: airplane bowling.

Marco Rubio took notice first, sending the fruit cruising back to the press with exquisite aim. Then Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi gave it a try. 

Finally noticing the game that was unfolding, Romney decided to play along, climbing out of his window seat with a smile and giving the fruit a roll down the aisle to the cheers of the press.

After one last return shot from the press, Rubio picked up the orange and sitting backward in the seat pretended to throw the fruit across the plane, to the laughter and cheers of the press. Read the full story.

Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

Romney watches as an orange rolls up the aisle of his campaign plane en route to Miami, Florida.

Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

Rubio pretends to throw an orange as Romney looks on aboard his campaign plane.

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