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New storm hits Philippines as weather forecasters protest over pay


Dozens of houses are submerged in floodwaters after tropical storm Kai-Tak, (locally named Helen) hit Baguio city in northern Philippines on August 15, 2012. Kai-Tak battered northern Philippines after making landfall on Wednesday, killing at least two people, disaster officials said.

Paula Bronstein / Getty Images

Children look out from their home as more rain falls in the flooded coastal region of Bulacan on August 14, 2012. A major tropical storm has hit the Northern Luzon bringing days of wet weather to a region still recovering from massive flooding.

The Associated Press reports from Manila, Philippines — As another storm threatened to cause more flooding, hundreds of Philippines' weather agency employees protested over their pay Tuesday and warned that forecasting services could deteriorate.

An alarmed President Benigno Aquino III rushed to assure the protesting employees that steps were being taken to resume payment of the cash benefits that had been suspended in March.

"I just reminded that since the weather is bad and we have a weather disturbance, we should not add to the worries of those who were hit by the floods," Aquino told reporters after a hasty meeting with the restive employees. Read the full story.

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Paula Bronstein / Getty Images

Erik Pasco holds his 10 day old newborn daughter Jeanine Erica at a church used as an evacuation center in Bulacan on August 14, 2012.

Aaron Favila / AP

A man pushes a cart full of schoolchildren as they cross a flooded road in suburban Pasig, east of Manila, on August 15, 2012. A second tropical storm in as many weeks battered the northern Philippines on Wednesday as forecasters warned that the still-reeling capital could see more flooding.

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