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Horses collide at the medieval Palio race in Siena

Alessandro Bianchi / Reuters

Jockey Jonatan Bartoletti, representing the Valmontone parish, rides to win the Palio race in Siena, Italy, on Aug. 16. Almost without fail since the mid-1600s, ten bareback riders compete twice a year around Siena's shell-shaped central square in a bid to win the Palio, a silk banner depicting the Madonna and child.

Alessandro Bianchi / Reuters

Jockey Jonatan Bartoletti of the Valmontone parish rides ahead of jockey Alberto Ricceri of the Selva parish to win the race.

Alessandro Bianchi / Reuters

Fans celebrate after Moedi, the horse representing the Valmontone parish, won the Palio race.

Maurizio Degl'innocenti / EPA

Rider Jonatan Bartoletti, also known as Scompiglio, is mobbed by supporters after he won the Palio.


Centuries old Palio race begins in Italy

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