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Woman rescued during suicide attempt from roof in China

China Daily via Reuters

Rescuers and relatives stop a woman from committing suicide by jumping off a building in Zhanjiang, Guangdong province August 14, 2012.

A Chinese woman tried to commit suicide over a tragic family dispute.

According to a local source who did not wish to be identified, the woman whose last name is Luo attempted to jump off a building around 7 a.m. on Aug. 14. The source, who works with the woman's brother, told NBC News that Luo, about 50 years old, had a tense relationship with her sister-in-law.

According to local media reports, the woman had once felt sick after being served soup by her sister-in-law. As a result, Luo believed she was being poisoned, and decided to take her revenge on her 4-year-old nephew.

Early one morning, while the other family members were out buying groceries, Luo killed the boy in the bathroom and later disposed of the body. The source said the woman had a history of mental disorder.

Luo tried to jump off a building belonging to an agricultural company in Zhanjiang city, Guangdong province.  Family members, friends and a police officer named Zhao An tried to talk her out of it. 

China Daily via Reuters


Around noon, Luo’s daughter tried to persuade her not to jump by threatening her mother that she'd join her and jump off, too.

While Luo appeared to reconsider her decision, the policeman quickly grabbed her, and in the struggle he was almost thrown off the rooftop. Luo is now under police custody.

China Daily via Reuters

Photos of the incident went viral, eliciting varied responses. 

"The intensification of family conflict could lead to tragedies. As the saying goes, even an upright official will find it hard to settle domestic disputes. The management of family disputes should become an important topic in society," commented one blogger.

China Daily via Reuters


"The kid was innocent!"  commented another.

"Nowadays, news is more dramatic than TV dramas," said another.


Editor's note: The photos were taken Aug. 14, and we received them on Monday, Aug. 20, but held off publishing for more information surrounding the circumstances.

NBC's Lorraine Liu contributed to this report.