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Farmers clash with police in Honduras over right to bear arms

Jorge Cabrera / Reuters

Riot police detain an injured peasant farmer as they evict protesters near the Supreme Court in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, on August 21, 2012.

Honduran riot police fired tear gas to remove farmers who had set up barricades and burned tires to block a main avenue near the Supreme Court in the capital Tegucigalpa on Tuesday, Reuters reports.

The protesters were demanding that a decree that would have the effect of disarming farmers in Bajo Aguan be ruled unconstitutional by the court.

The Honduran Congress approved a law earlier this month prohibiting the public possession and transportation of guns in Colon, a region of the country where drug trafficking and other agrarian conflicts are blamed for the killings of more than 60 people in the past three years.

At least 20 of the farmers were detained after attacking policemen with rocks during the protest, local media reported.

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