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Ron Paul and Tea Party supporters rally before Republican National Convention

Before the Republican National Convention's weather-delayed start, other conservative political events are happening around Tampa. Above, thousands of people wait for Ron Paul to take the stage at a rally celebrating him at the University of South Florida's Sun Dome. 

John Brecher / NBC News

"We're not collectivists, we're individualists," says Tony Lanzetta of Port Charlotte, Fla., as he takes a break outside the Ron Paul rally in Tampa.

John Brecher / NBC News

Douglas Coggeshall of Palm Harbor, Fla., holds a Newt Gingrich sign he brought to the Tea Party-sponsored Unity Rally in Tampa. Though Coggeshall is firmly committed to Republican values, he considers Mitt Romney to be the wrong candidate to face President Obama.

John Brecher / NBC News

Linda Patterson, a Texas delegate from Grand Prairie, attended the Ron Paul rally in addition to her duties at the RNC. Regarding her political involvement, she said "I'm just an American who's said enough is enough."

Supporters of Ron Paul and the Tea Party talk about what motivated them to come to Tampa during the Republican National Convention.

Watch this video to hear what drives these and other non-mainstream Republicans to gather in Tampa.

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