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The show will go on at the Republican Convention

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A video of Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Rmoney plays on the multiscreen after Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus closed the days session at the Republican National Convention in the Tampa Bay Times Forum in Tampa, Florida, Aug. 27.

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From governor's son to presidential contender, a look at the life of Republican Mitt Romney.

Today's events were postponed due to the storm, but the Republican National Convention will resume on Tuesday. As the conventions have changed over the years, the annual event is less about actually deciding who will be the party's candidate. Mitt Romney has already been chosen, so they’ll be taking advantage of the large audience to sell Romney and his running mate, Paul Ryan, to voters and to Republicans who haven't been fully supportive yet. Most likely everything will be scripted and rehearsed, leaving little chance of there really being much news from the conventions. It will still be a great show, and we’ll have the opportunity to hear the party's positions unfiltered and more from Romney and Ryan.

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A supporter of U.S. Rep. Ron Paul holds a poster in front of a sign that reads "We Can Do Better" during the start of the Republican National Convention Aug. 27, in Tampa, Florida.