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Blind runner's despair turns to joy at Paralympics

Kerim Okten / EPA

Blind Brazilian runner Terezinha Guilhermina and her guide Guilherme Soares de Santana react after crossing the finish line to win the Women's 100m T11 final at the Paralympic Games in London on Wednesday night. 

Blind or partially-sighted athletes are permitted to use a guide runner in Paralympic races, but the guide is never permitted to cross the finish line before the blind runner. At the 2012 Games, guides became eligible for medals for the first time.

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24 hours earlier Guilhermina's bid for 400m glory was derailed when Soares de Santana tripped on the home straight, a moment captured in a series of heartbreaking images published on PhotoBlog.

But their despair was replaced by joy as Guilhermina took the 100m gold in a world record time of 12.01 seconds, adding to the 200m title she won on Sunday.


Suzanne Plunkett / Reuters

Kerim Okten / EPA

Julian Finney / Getty Images

Julian Finney / Getty Images

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