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Massive anti-tax protest in Spain's Catalonia

Emilio Morenatti / AP

Demonstrators wave Catalan flags during a protest rally in Barcelona, Spain, Sept. 11, 2012.

AP reports — Tens of thousands of people angered by Spain's financial crisis are protesting in Barcelona on the Catalonia region's 'National Day," claiming they pay more than their fair share in taxes to the federal government in Madrid. Full story…

Josep Lago / AFP - Getty Images

Supporters of independence for Catalonia demonstrate on Sept. 11, in Barcelona.

Jose Colon / AP

Left-wing demonstrators burn a Spanish and French flag on top of a stage following a protest rally in Barcelona, Sept. 11.

David Ramos / Getty Images

A woman holds a banner during a demonstration calling for independence during Catalonia's National Day on Sept. 11, in Barcelona.

Ferran Estrada Porta, 79, wearing the traditional 'barretina' hat and holding a Catalan flag, plays his trumpet on the street in Barcelona, Sept. 11.

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