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Gamers don costumes to take their icons to the street

Kyle Bruggeman / NBC News

Meagan Capp, left, and Cora Walker break for a cigarette dressed as Sheik and Link from Legend of Zelda outside Seattle's PAX convention on Sept. 1, 2012.

Every year, video game enthusiasts of all sorts converge in Seattle to attend the Penny Arcade Expo. Among the crowd are a special type in costume. These cosplayers, a portmanteau of costume and play, walk the convention floor as onlookers gawk and photograph their elaborate attire. But there are times, collected here in PhotoBlog, when cosplayers pause from strutting the exhibition hall and return to every-day life.

Kyle Bruggeman / NBC News

Destiny Siefert finishes lunch outside Seattle's PAX Convention, Sept. 1. Siefert sports what she calls "Femamerica" as a female version of Captain America.

Kyle Bruggeman / NBC News

Josh Nebe takes on the persona of a broke and disenchanted storm trooper outside Seattle's Convention Center, Sept. 1. Nebe's costume was inspired by a demotivatinoal poster popular on the internet.

Kyle Bruggeman/ NBC News

Jesse Skellington fills his chalice at a Taco Del Mar during Seattle's PAX convention, Sept. 1. Skellington is less cosplayer and more LARPer, or live action role player. Skellington takes on a persona all his own in lieu of characters from any franchise.

Kyle Bruggeman / NBC News

Michael Batin waits to buy bottled water inside Seattle's PAX convention on Sept. 1. Batin cosplayed for the first time at PAX where he sported a hip-hop clone trooper costume, boom box not pictured.

Kyle Bruggeman / NBC News

Tryston Adachi, right, and Jackie Cunard withdraw money while sporting "steampunk pirate" themed costumes during Seattle's PAX Convention on Sept. 1. Adachi explains the theme as "something out of Jules Verne's mind."

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