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Typhoon Sanba rocks South Korea with huge waves

Yeosu City via AFP - Getty Images

Waves caused by Typhoon Sanba slam into the coast of Yeosu, about 460 km (286 miles) south of Seoul, South Korea.

Yonhap News Agency via AP

High waves caused by Typhoon Sanba crash onto a beach in Yeosu, south of Seoul, South Korea, on Sept. 17.

Yonhap News Agency via Reuters

High waves beat upon a coast road in Busan, about 420 km (261 miles) southeast of Seoul Sept. 17.

Typhoon Sanba, packing winds of 137 kilometers (85 miles) per hour, slammed into South Korea on Monday, bringing torrential rains across the country and shutting down flights, ferry services and cutting power to many. At least one person died and tens of thousands of people were forced to evacuate. Full story.

Typhoon Sanba battered South Korea with strong winds and heavy rain on Monday, flooding streets and damaging hundreds of homes. NBCNews.com's Dara Brown reports.