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Thousands protest in China over disputed islands on the anniversary of the Japanese invasion

Carlos Barria / Reuters

Demonstrators shout slogans as they march with Chinese national flags and banners near the Japanese consulate during a protest on the 81st anniversary of Japan's invasion of China, in Shanghai Sept. 18.

Aly Song / Reuters

Paramilitary policemen stand guard behind barriers, as they allow about a hundred demonstrators to enter at a time to protest in the area outside the Japanese consulate, in Shanghai, Sept. 18.


Protesters carrying banners with anti-Japan slogans are stopped by police officers near the Japanese Consulate General, Sept. 18, in Shanghai, China.

AFP - Getty Images

Chinese demonstrators march with Chinese national flags and banners during a protest against Japan's "nationalizing" of Diaoyu Islands, also known as Senkaku in Japan, in Hengyang, Hunan province, China on Sept. 18.

AFP - Getty Images

A Chinese demonstrator carries a picture showing Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda during a protest against Japan's "nationalizing" of Diaoyu Islands, also known as Senkaku in Japan on Sept. 18.

The 81st anniversary of a Japanese invasion brought a fresh wave of anti-Japan demonstrations across China on Tuesday, with thousands of protesters venting anger over the colonial past and a current dispute involving contested islands in the East China Sea. Japanese businesses shut hundreds of stores and plants and the country's embassy suspended services as the crisis between Asia's two biggest economies deepened. Full story.

September 18, the anniversary of Japan's 1931 invasion of Manchuria,  is seen as a day of national humiliation in China, marked with protests even when relations with Japan are stable.   This year's anniversary, came amidst a dispute over Senkaku island in Japan and Dia o yu in China further fueling  anti Japan anger and protests.   NBC's Angus Walker reports.