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Bolivian tin miners clash in La Paz

David Mercado / Reuters

An independent mine worker participates in a protest rally in La Paz, Sept. 18, 2012.

Reuters reports — Rival miners from Bolivia's No. 2 tin mine, Colquiri, hurled sticks of dynamite and rocks at each other in the city of La Paz on Tuesday, injuring at least seven people in an hour-long street battle. Full story…

David Mercado / Reuters

An independent mine worker throws a dynamite stick during clashes with unionized mine workers in La Paz, Sept. 18.

Gaston Brito / Reuters

Independent miners attend a protest rally in La Paz September 18, 2012. Thousands of independent mine workers of Bolivia's recently nationalized Colquiri tin mine protested against unionized mine workers and the government of Bolivian President Evo Morales.

Aizar Raldes / AFP - Getty Images

A riot police officer helps state-employed miners carry a co-worker after he was wounded in a dynamite explosion during clashes with miners from private cooperatives, as the latter marched through the streets of La Paz, Sept. 18.

Martin Alipaz / EPA

Firefighters and policemen help a wounded person during a miners' protest in front of Federacion Nacional de Mineros' headquarters in La Paz, Bolivia, Sept. 18.

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