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Visions of Berlin Wall return to Checkpoint Charlie in life-size, 360-degree view

Markus Schreiber / AP

A journalist stands in front of the panorama print "The Wall" by artist Yadegar Asisi during a preview in Berlin, Germany, on Sept. 21. The huge 15 meters high and 60 meters wide panorama of the Berlin Wall will be on display for the public from Sept. 23, 2012 for about a year near the former Checkpoint Charlie.

Reuters -- "When people look at history from a victor's perspective, they always talk about how terrible it was," said artist Yadegar Asisi, whose panorama depicting everyday life at the Berlin Wall will open to the public on Sept. 23.

The Iranian-Austrian Asisi, who grew up in East Germany, lived in both East and West Berlin in the 1970s.

"Many people in this city talk about the division in terms of good and evil, but people forget about the everyday compromises that were made," Asisi said, urging a non-political approach to memory. Strangers who come to Berlin can't imagine how you could have a normal life, living next to the Wall."

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Kay Nietfeld / EPA

People erect a panorama designed by Austrian artist Yadegar Asisi featured at Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin, Germany, on Sept. 21.

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