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A show of skills in South Korea ahead of Armed Forces Day

Lee Jae-won / Reuters

Soldiers of the special warfare command parachute to the ground during a demonstration ahead of the Armed Forces Day anniversary at the Gyeryong military headquarters in Gyeryong, about 87 miles south of Seoul Sept. 25.

Ahn Young-Joon / AP

South Korean special army soldiers demonstrate their martial arts skills, Sept. 25 during a rehearsal for upcoming anniversary of Armed Forces Day.

Jung Yeon-Je / AFP - Getty Images

South Korean Special Army soldiers perform martial arts during a rehearsal on Sept. 25 for Armed Forces Day.

Members of the South Korean military put on quite a show during a rehearsal ahead of the annual Armed Forces Day celebrations which takes place Oct. 1, the day that South-Korean forces broke through the 38th parallel during the Korean War.  The two Koreas remain technically at war since the Korean conflict was concluded with a truce rather than a peace treaty, and the day is a reminder of those who lost their lives during the war and those who are currently serving.

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