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Inside Syria with Ann Curry

Ann Curry

My photos inside Syria: Free Syrian Army rebels taking a break at a border crossing seized from government troops.

Ann Curry went inside Syria to report on the conflict on Monday. She met with and photographed Free Syrian Army rebels and refugees. View a slideshow of her photographs.

Ann Curry

Commander Afash was a local businessman when the war in Syria began 18 months ago. He said he decided to fight after his brother was killed in combat.

Ann Curry

We passed evidence of war in town after town in Syria, including disabled government tanks. One town, Azaz is nicknamed by survivors as "the graveyard of tanks."

Ann Curry

Ann Curry photographs Syrian rebels and others affected by the conflict.

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NBC's Ann Curry and her crew drove into the area that rebels call 'Free Syria' to report on the growing violence in the country, including an attack just four miles from the border crossing from Turkey that killed six people.

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