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Forest golfers make an extreme sport of a gentleman's game

Michal Cizek / AFP - Getty Images

"Forest Golfers" take part in a golf tournament in a forest near Uvaly village, east of Prague, Czech Republic, on September 23, 2012.


Michal Cizek / AFP - Getty Images

Agence France Presse reports — A club roughly hewn from a freshly chopped cherry branch, a tennis ball and a buddy to play with is all it takes to make golf an extreme sport that would test the skills of even top professional players.

Over the last decade, a group of Czech "forest golfers" have pioneered a novel approach to this gentleman's sport in the wilds of Bohemia on terrain that would usually be out of bounds on a regular golf course. Read the full story.

Michal Cizek / AFP - Getty Images

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