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Afghanistan's first female rapper breaks tradition, busts rhymes

Ahmad Jamshid / AP

Afghanistan's first female rapper Sosan Firooz sings in a studio in Kabul.

Afghanistan's first female rapper, Sosan Firooz is making history in her homeland where society frowns on women who take the stage.

The outspoken 23-year-old singer sings about repression of women, her hopes for a peaceful Afghanistan and the misery she says she experienced as a small child living in neighboring Iran. 

"I remember while we were in Iran, we were called 'dirty Afghans' and told to go to the back of the line at the bakery," Firooz, who also spent time as a refugee in Pakistan and returned to Afghanistan with her family seven years ago, told The Associated Press in an interview (read complete story).

Rap and hip-hop are just starting to gain popularity in Afghanistan, particularly among the youth.

Aref Karimi / AFP - Getty Images

More than ten years after the beginning of the war, Afghanistan faces external pressure to reform as well as ongoing internal conflicts.