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Prisoners find relative freedom behind bars in Lima

Mariana Bazo / Reuters

An inmate and his bride kiss during a mass wedding ceremony for prisoners at the Lurigancho prison. Although Lurigancho prison is one of the most overcrowded, violent, and unruly jails in Latin America, its more than 8,500 prisoners live with so much freedom inside the walled perimeter that they have created their own city which mimics the urban society on the outside.

All photos by Mariana Bazo / Reuters

Prisoners take part in a theatre workshop in the Lurigancho prison in Lima.

An overview of the Lurigancho prison in Lima.

Inmates participate in an Independence Day parade dressed in uniforms and carrying mock rifles.

An inmate gives a haircut inside the Lurigancho prison.

A dog runs on the roof of a wing at the Lurigancho prison.

Lurigancho Prison in Lima is where Joran van der Sloot was tried for killing a woman in Lima in 2010, five years after American teenager Natalee Holloway disappeared in Aruba after spending time with him. 

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