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After bomb in Beirut, protesters take to the streets, links to Syrian crisis emerge

Hussein Malla / AP

Protesters march in the Achrafieh neighborhood a day after a car bomb attack that killed Brig. Gen. Wissam al-Hassan and at least seven others in Beirut, Lebanon, Oct. 20. Protesters burned tires and set up roadblocks around Lebanon on Saturday in a sign of boiling anger over a massive car bomb a day earlier-- a devastating attack that threatened to bring Syria's civil war to Lebanon. The writing on the woman's face reads, 'Rafik Hariri,' and 'Wissam al-Hassan.'

NBC News producer Paul Nassar reported an unusual calm had swept over Beirut.

"The city is dead, absolutely quiet," Nassar, reporting from Beirut, said. "All the major shopping districts are closed -- this city would usually be brimming with activity, but now, nothing."

Nassar added that the bomb was an especially devastating blow to the city because it came on the cusp of the major Islam holiday Eid, which starts next weekend.

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Mahmoud Zayyat / AFP - Getty Images

Protesters show anger over massive car bomb that killed a high-profile security official in Beirut, Lebanon.