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Kenyans pray for Obama victory as Obama vs. Romney battle captivates world

Ben Curtis / AP

A member of the congregation prays for President Barack Obama to be successful in his bid for re-election during a service at the St. Richard Catholic Church in Kogelo, western Kenya, Nov. 4. Kogelo village is the home of Sarah Obama, the step-grandmother of the U.S. President, and many Kenyans consider Obama, with a mother from Kansas and a father from Kenya, as one of their own.

Barack Obama's election to the White House in 2008 captured the world's imagination. 

His victory was heralded with a front-page headline proclaiming "The Day America Became a Little Bit Cool Again" in the U.K's Metro newspaper, Kenya declared a national holiday and even usually adversarial Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez hailed the "historic" event.

As part of our The World is Watching series, NBC News journalists around the world set out to see whether four years had dampened that initial enthusiasm and examined what people in other countries think a Mitt Romney administration might mean for their daily lives.

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Reuters, Getty Images

In the final push in the 2012 presidential election, candidates Mitt Romney and Barack Obama make their last appeals to voters.