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Argentines protest in anti-government march

Natacha Pisarenko / AP

Protesters march against Argentina's President Cristina Fernandez on the iconic obelisk in Argentina's capital of Buenos Aires, Nov. 8, 2012. Protests also were held in plazas nationwide and outside Argentine embassies and consulates around the world.

Victor R. Caivano / AP

A protester marches in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Nov. 8.

Associated Press reports — Thousands of people flooded the streets of Argentina's capital Thursday night in one of the country's biggest anti-government protests in more than a decade.

Angered by rising inflation, violent crime and high-profile corruption, and afraid President Cristina Fernandez will try to hold onto power indefinitely by ending constitutional term limits, the protesters marched on the iconic obelisk in Buenos Aires chanting: "We're not afraid."

Demonstrators reached the presidential residence in scorching summer heat banging on pots, whistling and holding banners that read: "Stop the wave of Argentines killed by crime, enough with corruption and say no to the constitutional reform."

"I'm marching against all the things that are going on — the lies, the inflation, (the treatment) of those in retirement. Let's put an end to the lies and the corruption," said a 73-year-old protester. The woman, who gave only her first name, Edith, said she is still working because she can't afford to live on retirement money. Full story…

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Victor R. Caivano / AP

Protesters carry an Argentine flag during anti-government demonstrations in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Nov. 8. Thousands marched against rising inflation, crime, exchange controls and to express their fear to a constitutional reform that could open the way for a third consecutive re-election of Argentina's President Cristina Fernandez.

Natacha Pisarenko / AP

A protester bangs a pot during a march against Argentina's President Cristina Fernandez in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Nov. 8.

Natacha Pisarenko / AP

A woman waves an Argentina flag during an anti-government demonstration in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Nov. 8.

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