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Catalans eye independence from Spain ahead of elections

David Ramos / Getty Images

Men chat underneath a Catalonia Pro-Independence banner on Nov. 20 in Vic, Spain. Over 5 million Catalans will be voting in Parliamentary elections on Nov. 25.

Reuters -- Spain's wealthy but financially troubled region of Catalonia chooses a new government on Sunday in an election that could trigger a constitutional crisis over a resurgent Catalan breakaway movement.

Opinion polls show most Catalans will vote for pro-independence parties, either from the left or right, handing their leader a mandate to hold a referendum on succession, despite strong resistance from the Spanish government.

The secessionist threat is a major problem for Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy who is trying to show stability and fiscal responsibility in his fight to keep Spain in the euro currency zone and avoid an international bailout, despite a savage recession. Read the full story.

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