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More than 100 killed in Bangladesh factory fire

Andrew Biraj / Reuters

Members of the police inspect the garment factory after a devastating fire in Savar, on the outskirts of Dhaka, Bangladesh, Nov. 25. A fire swept through Tazreen Fashion factory killing more than 100 people in the country's worst-ever factory blaze.

Witnesses said the workers, mostly women, ran for safety as the fire engulfed the plant, but were unable to come out through narrow exits.

"Many jumped out from the windows and were injured, or died on the spot," said Milon, a resident. "We are appalled to see the charred bodies coming out of the factory since last night. It was an endless stream."

-- Reported by NBC News wire services

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Jibon Amir / AP

A Bangladeshi woman cries as she claims the body of her relative killed in a fire at a garment factory outside Dhaka, Bangladesh, Nov. 25.

Abir Abdullah / EPA

Village women cover their noses to avoid smell of the burnt bodies as they gather near the ground where the bodies are kept for identification.

Polash Khan / AP

Bangladeshi people identify the bodies of their relatives.

Hasan Raza / AP

Bangladeshi firefighters battle a fire at a garment factory in the Savar neighborhood of Dhaka, Bangladesh, late Saturday, Nov. 24.

A fire blew through an eight-story clothing factory in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh on Saturday night. The factory made products for Walmart and other U.S. companies. NBC's Kate Snow has more.