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Demonstrators clash with Egyptian police in Tahrir Square over Morsi's 'dictatorial powers'

Khalil Hamra / AP

Egyptian protesters clash with security forces near Tahrir Square, in Cairo, Egypt, on Nov. 28. Egyptian state television says the country's highest appeal court has decided to suspend its work nationwide to protest the president's decrees giving himself nearly absolute powers.

Amr Abdallah Dalsh / Reuters

Protesters hit a riot policeman, center, after surrounding him during clashes in front of the U.S Embassy near Tahrir Square in Cairo on Nov. 28.

Reuters -- Hundreds of demonstrators were in Cairo's Tahrir Square for a sixth day on Wednesday to demand that President Mohammed Morsi rescind a decree they say gives him dictatorial powers, and two of Egypt's top courts stopped work in protest.
But in a move that one Muslim Brotherhood official said could help resolve the worst crisis of Morsi's five-month presidency, the assembly drawing up a new constitution said it would complete work on a final draft on Wednesday.

The official said the final draft could go to a popular referendum by mid-December. If approved it would cancel the constitutional declaration that extended Morsi's powers and sparked street protests that drew tens of thousands on Tuesday. Brotherhood and other Islamists have called for a rally backing the president on Saturday. Continue reading.

Analysis: Egypt learns the art of politics amid protests challenging Morsi's decree

Gianluigi Guercia / AFP - Getty Images

Protesters face Egyptian riot Police during clashes on Omar Makram street, off Tahrir Square, on Nov. 28 in Cairo. Police fired tear gas into Cairo's Tahrir Square, where several hundred protesters spent the night after a mass rally to denounce President Mohammed Morsi's assumption of expanded powers.

Mahmoud Khaled / AFP - Getty Images

Egyptian riot police detain a man during clashes on Omar Makram street, off Tahrir Square, on Nov. 28 in Cairo.

Khaled Elfiqi / EPA

A general view shows Egyptian protesters and make-shift tenets at Tahrir Square, in Cairo Nov. 28. Media reports state that new clashes erupted in Cairo between security forces and protesters angry at a decree by President Mohamed Morsi granting himself sweeping new powers. Police fired tears gas against the stone-throwing protesters in Tahrir Square, where thousands have been camping out for several days in a bid to convince Morsi to rescind the decree.

Since Egypt's President Mohamed Morsi launched his far-reaching constitutional decree that essentially gives him unchecked power, large scale protests have returned to Tahrir Square. NBC's Ayman Mohyeldin reports.

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