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Congo rebels pulling back; fate of Goma uncertain

Phil Moore / AFP - Getty Images

An M23 rebel patrols in the hills surrounding the town of Mushaki, eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, on Nov. 29, 2012.

The AP reports: Rebels who last week seized Goma, one of the most important cities in eastern Congo, said they had pulled back slightly and were on track to leave the city by Friday, in accordance with a deadline imposed by the international community.

The apparent withdrawal of the M23 rebels indicates that international pressure may have succeeded in reversing the rebel advance and staved off what could have been the start of a new war between the enormous, jungle-covered nation of Congo and its much smaller and more affluent neighbor, Rwanda. Full Story

Jerome Delay / AP

M23 rebels gather in the eastern Congo town of Sake, some 17 miles west of Goma, Congo, on Thursday.

Jerome Delay / AP

Congolese people look at a Congolese government soldier as government troops gathered Thursday in a stadium near Minova, Congo, some 25 miles southwest of Goma, for a morale building session and an address by their commander, Gen. Bahouma.

Jerome Delay / AP

FARDC Congolese government special forces gather in a stadium near Minova, Congo on Thursday for a morale-building address by their commander.

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