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Seattleites truck in 162,000 pounds of snow for record-breaking snowball fight

Jordan Stead / Reuters

Brad Bambusch cocks back to hurtle a powdery projectile during an official attempt to break the Guinness world record for the largest snowball fight, in Seattle, Jan. 12.

SEATTLE -- Organizers trucked in 162,000 pounds of snow from mountain passes to Seattle Center and broke the record for most participants in a snowball fight – attracting 5,834 participant to supplant the mark set by the Republic of Korea with 5,387.

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Jordan Stead / Reuters

A crowd throws snowballs at each other during Guinness World Records breaking world's largest snowball fight in Seattle, Jan. 12.

Jordan Stead / Reuters

Groups of attendees took to their recently built snow forts for cover.

AFP - Getty Images

Ice and snow changes our environment, as winter engulfs our world.

Organizers in Seattle trucked in over 160,000 pounds of snow and attracted 5,834 participants in order to claim the title for the largest snowball fight. TODAY.com's Dara Brown reports.