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Declaring victory from behind bullet-proof glass, Pakistani cleric ends protests

Farooq Naeem / AFP - Getty Images

Pakistani Muslim cleric Muhammad Tahirul Qadri (center) reads from the copy of an agreement at a protest rally in Islamabad on Jan. 17. Ruling party Information Minister Qamar Zaman Kaira (center left) and Law Minister Farooq Naek (center right) look on.

Asif Hassan / AFP - Getty Images

Qadri flashes victory sign to supporters Thursday night.

Reuters reports: A Muslim cleric with a history of ties to the military who has been calling for the Pakistani government to resign reached a deal with the administration on Thursday that will give him a say in the electoral process ahead of elections.

Muhammad Tahirul Qadri triggered a political crisis by launching mass protests in the capital four days ago calling for electoral reforms to clean up Pakistani politics.

He has been pushing for the military to play a role in the formation of the caretaker administration that takes over in the run-up to scheduled elections.

"We have reached an agreement," Qadri, who supported an army coup in 1999, told supporters camped out near parliament. "Allah granted us a victory and now you can go home."

The cleric has been delivering long, fiery speeches from behind a bullet-proof glass box because of his opposition to Taliban militants. Full Story

Akhtar Soomro / Reuters

A supporter of Muhammad Tahirul Qadri celebrated after Qadri reached an agreement with Pakistan's coalition government.

Faisal Mahmood / Reuters

Supporters of Muhammad Tahirul Qadri wave flags during celebrations after their leader reached a deal with Pakistan's coalition government on Jan. 17.

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