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Rescues under way in flooded Jakarta

Adi Weda / EPA

A young girl is rescued from flooding in Jakarta, Indonesia, Jan. 18.

Tatan Syuflana / AP

An Indonesian man grabs wires to keep from being swept away by flood water in Jakarta, Jan. 18.

Adi Weda / EPA

People wade through floodwater in Jakarta, Indonesia, Jan. 18.

Adi Weda / EPA

Rescuers evacuate a baby from a flood area in Jakarta, Jan. 18.

Supri / Reuters

Residents push a car in through high water in west Jakarta Jan. 18.

Waters were receding in some parts of Jakarta after widespread floods, as authorities worked to repair a dike that collapsed. Tens of thousands remained affected by the waters and rescue personnel deployed boats and rafts to evacuate people trapped. More monsoon rains were expected for Friday and Saturday raising the possibility of fresh flooding. Full story

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