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Brrrrr! Orthodox Christians celebrate Epiphany with an ice water bath

Viktor Drachev / AFP - Getty Images

A Belarus Orthodox believer plunges into icy waters as a priest blesses him on the eve of the Epiphany holiday in Pilnitsa some 30 km outside Minsk, on Jan. 18. Thousands of believers jump into holes cut in ice, braving freezing temperatures, to mark Epiphany, when they take part in a baptism ceremony.

Sergei Ilnitsky / EPA

A man is moments before having an ice water bath during the celebrations of the Epiphany Orthodox holiday in Moscow Friday. Moscow's temperature dropped below minus 11 degrees Celsius.

Viktor Drachev / AFP - Getty Images

People believe that dipping into blessed waters during the holiday of Epiphany strengthens their spirit and body.

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