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Valentine's Day is a popular time to say 'I do'

Bebeto Matthews / AP

NEW YORK: Newlyweds Danielle Brabham, 39, and Michael Lynch, 41, from Miami Shores, Fla., pose for pictures at the Empire State Building viewing platform after their Valentine's Day wedding. Brabham and Lynch were among three couples chosen for the 19th Annual Weddings Event, "Love is in the Air," designed by celebrity designer Preston Bailey, after submitting their personal love stories to the Empire State Building's Facebook page.

Getting married on Valentine's day would certainly make it easy to remember your wedding anniversary. Here's a round-up of pictures from the many group weddings that took place today:

Tomas Bravo / Reuters

MEXICO CITY: A couple takes part in a mock wedding during Valentine's Day celebrations in the Coyoacan neighborhood in Mexico City.

Ernesto Benavides / AFP - Getty Images

LIMA, PERU: Couples get married inside a public pool during a mass wedding on Valentine's Day. Over 200 couples participated.

Enrique Castro-Mendivil / Reuters

LIMA, PERU: A newlywed couple laughs in a public swimming pool during a mass wedding on Valentine's Day.

Mario Tama / Getty Images

NEW YORK: Newly-married couple Brian Bondy and Melissa Cohn stand on a mock heated beach in Times Square after being photographed on Valentine's Day. Bondy proposed to Cohn on 'Good Morning America' this morning and the couple then had a 'flash wedding' in Times Square. The mock heated beach was set up by the Aruba Tourism Authority.

Jay Directo / AFP - Getty Images

MANILA: Couples stand in a queue at a gymnasium for a mass wedding in Manila, Philippines, on Feb. 14. Some 400 couples exchanged vows inside a packed gymnasium on the outskirts of Manila's Makati financial district, as a school band played love songs that drowned out the heavy traffic outside.

Cheryl Ravelo / Reuters

MANILA: A girl is flanked by grooms as she accompanied her father (rear) to register before a Valentine's Day mass wedding in Quezon City, Manila, Philippines. More than 3,000 couples were simultaneously married nationwide.

Joe Raedle / Getty Images

WEST PALM BEACH, FLA.: Arlene Joseph and Stuart Joseph smile after being wed during a group Valentine's day wedding at the National Croquet Center. Approximately 40 couples tied the knot.

Lintao Zhang / Getty Images

From San Francisco to Sri Lanka, China to Cuba, love and romance know no boundaries. See the many ways Cupid's favorite holiday is celebrated across the globe.