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The art of exposure: Nudists visit 'Naked Men' exhibit at Vienna museum

Ronald Zak / AP

Naked Museum visitors look at pictures of the show "Nude Men from 1800 to Today" during a special opening to friends of nudism at the Leopold Museum, Vienna, Austria, on Feb. 18. The show "Nude Men from 1800 to Today" opened its doors from 19 October 2012 to March 4,2013, looking at how artists have dealt with the theme of male nudity over the centuries.

Heinz-Peter Bader / Reuters

A nude visitor walks through the art exhibition "Nude Men" at Leopold museum in Vienna, on Feb. 18. The museum welcomed naked viewers from the public on Monday in an after-hours showing of the exhibition, which has been extended to run until March 4, 2013.

Reuters -- VIENNA -- The exhibit in Vienna's Leopold Museum is entitled "Naked Men", so a group of nudists and naturalists took the curators at their word and showed up to see it on Monday in the buff.

"It is good to be free, I am seeing this exhibition for the second time now and it is perfect to see 'Naked Men' as a naked man," said one of the visitors who called himself Max and who on his previous visit wore his clothes.

The exhibition, which has been extended until March 4, is designed to show the diverse and changing depictions of male nudity in art history.

"Naked Men" helped boost visitor numbers at the museum by 17 percent to more than 364,000 last year.

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Leopold Museum via EPA

Naked visitors in the exhibition 'Nude Men' at the Leopold Museum in Vienna, Austria, on Feb. 18.