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Golden Gate toll collectors say emotional goodbye as machines take over


Stephen Lam / Reuters

Toll collector Jacquie Dean waits for a vehicle at the Golden Gate Bridge toll plaza in San Francisco on March 26, 2013. The Golden Gate Bridge will change from manned tollbooths to a full electronic tolling system starting on Wednesday.

Eric Risberg / AP

An old Chevrolet makes its way past the toll booths on Tuesday.

By Joe Rosato Jr., NBCBayArea.com

As the end of her afternoon shift collecting tolls on the Golden Gate Bridge ended, Dawnette Reed felt the tears begin to come.

She stepped out of her booth at lane three and made the walk back to the office for the last time. After 18 years collecting tolls at the bridge, her job was done.

"I always say I know customers from the [baby’s] car seat to the driver's seat," Reed said of her regular customers. Read the full story.

Stephen Lam / Reuters

Toll collector Marilyn Alvarado receives the last toll from Jim Eddie, who is driving a vintage 1937 Packard, at her tollbooth early on Wednesday.

Stephen Lam / Reuters

Marilyn Alvarado waves as she leaves her tollbooth, as the last human toll collector, early on Wednesday.


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