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Uruguay's Congress votes to allow same-sex marriage

Andres Stapff / Reuters

People look on as Uruguay's Congress discussed a bill to allow same-sex marriages on April 10, 2013, making it the second country in predominantly Roman Catholic Latin America to do so. Seventy-one of 92 lawmakers in the lower house of Congress voted in favor of the proposal, one week after the Senate passed it by a wide majority. Leftist President Jose Mujica, a former guerrilla fighter, is expected to sign the bill into law.

Reuters reports:

"I agree that family is the basis of society but I also believe that love is the basis of family. And love is neither homosexual nor heterosexual," said opposition lawmaker Fernando Amado of the center-right Colorado Party.

Uruguay is the 12th country to pass a law of this kind, according to Human Rights Watch. In Latin America, Argentina also has approved gay marriage and it is allowed in Mexico City and some parts of Brazil.