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Landmark smokestacks demolished in Texas

Mark Lambie / The El Paso Times via AP

Spectators on the mountains between UTEP and I-10 get a close-up view of the ASARCO smokestack demolition, Friday, April 13, in El Paso, Texas.

A demolition team toppled two landmark smokestacks that have long towered over the now-defunct ASARCO copper smelter in Texas. Three hundred pounds of dynamite were used to bring down the 600-ft and 829-ft tall chimneys early Saturday. The chimneys were demolished as part of the smelter cleanup plan. 

Mark Lambie / The El Paso Times via AP

Spectators who watched the ASARCO smokestacks fall try to avoid inhaling dust created Saturday morning.

Brian Kanof / AP

The tallest of the two ASARCO smokestacks makes its way toward the ground 10 seconds after the smaller of the two stacks hit.

Rudy Gutierrez / The El Paso Times via AP

The 828-foot former ASARCO stack comes down.

Victor Calzada / The El Paso Times via AP

An ASARCO smokestack heads to the ground near Interstate 10.