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Violent clashes break out in Cairo over call for judiciary reform

Mohamed El-shahed / AFP - Getty Images

Muslim Brotherhood supporters throw stones towards opponents during clashes on April 19, in central Cairo.

Khaled Elfiqi / EPA

Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood members throw stones towards members of the anti-muslim brotherhood (top) during clashes in central Cairo, April 19.

Mostafa Elshemy / AP

Egyptian protesters clash near a bus belonging to Muslim Brotherhood supporters burns after it was reportedly set alight by anti- government protesters in Cairo, Egypt, Friday, April 19.

Mohamed Abd El Ghany / Reuters

Muslim Brotherhood members hit an anti-government protester during clashes near Cairo's Tahrir Square, April 19.

Clashes erupted Friday between several hundred opponents and supporters of Egypt’s Islamist president during a rally by his allies calling on him to “cleanse the judiciary” of alleged supporters of the old regime. Four people were hurt the violent clashes following a call by the Muslim Brotherhood to demonstrate outside the Supreme Court.