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Fish swims by window in Grand Rapids, Mich., floodwaters

Lynn Clay via WOOD TV

Lynn Clay grabbed her camera to snap a frame of the floodwaters outside one of the windows in her office building at the Riverfront Plaza in Grand Rapids, Mich., and captured a little fish swimming by. She didn't even realize the fish was in the frame until she looked at it later and, as even the most seasoned photographer will admit, she said, "I got lucky!"

Clay told NBCNews.com she has never seen the Grand River this high before. "The water is usually only 18 inches to 2 feet deep outside the building, but now it's probably 20 feet deep. It's up over the walkways, the roads, and up the buildings to the windows."

She does not live in close proximity to the river, so her home has not been impacted.

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