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How Canada's top astronaut sees the world

Chris Hadfield / CSA

Feast your eyes on an alligator-like mountain range in Mexico, plus other curiosities seen from outer space in April 2013. Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield calls this "a Dali watch on an alligator wristband."

Canada's new printed-polymer $5 bill has received the country's highest sendoff, altitude-wise, from International Space Station commander Chris Hadfield. Tuesday's currency-unveiling ceremony in space was just the latest in a series of achievements that have drawn attention to Canada's best-known spaceflier.

Hadfield already has made his mark as a photographer, a musician and composer, and an explainer of spaceflight phenomena ranging from crying to vomiting in zero-G. Some of his latest space shots, including this view of an alligator-like mountain range in Mexico, are featured in our Month in Space Pictures slideshow. To learn more about Hadfield's role in the first outer-space rollout of a bank note, flip over to this Cosmic Log posting.