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Before and after: Tornado cuts devastating path through Oklahoma

Astrium via AFP - Getty Images

Two satellite views show Moore, Okla., before (top) and after the passage of a powerful tornadoon May 20.

Editor's note: Updated on May 23 with before & after satellite images (above)

Bing (top); Jewel Samad / AFP -Getty Images (bottom)

Top, a look at a shopping center before Monday's devastating tornado. Bottom, a man salvages items from his tornado devastated store on May 21, in Moore, Oklahoma.

Bing (top); Tony Gutierrez / AP (bottom)

An aerial view shows a residential area before and after Monday's tornado, in Moore, Okla.

Google (top); Tannen Maury / EPA (bottom)

A residential neighborhood before and after a tornado swept through Monday.

Bing (top); AP (bottom)

Aerial photos show the Plaza Towers Elementary School in Moore, Okla., before and after it was hit by a massive tornado on Monday, May 20.

Google (top); Tannen Maury / EPA (bottom)

A twisted street sign in a destroyed neighborhood in Moore, Okla.

Bing (top), AP (bottom)

Briarwood Elementary School, bottom right in Oklahoma City, Okla. before (top) and after (bottom) the tornado hit on May 20.

Bing (top), AP (bottom)

Moore Medical Center in Moore, Okla., as seen before (top) and after (bottom) the tornado that hit on May 20.

Explore the Bing map, or Google map of Moore, Okla.

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