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Discovery of wedding veil in tornado debris inspires plans for second 'wedding shower'

Mike Fuentes for NBC News

Wade and Angela Coble pose for a photo for friends on top of their tornado-destroyed home in El Reno, Okla., on June 2. Her wedding veil was found hundreds of yards away in a field.

Photographer Mike Fuentes writes:

Mike Fuentes for NBC News

Members of Westgate Christian Church find Angela Coble's wedding veil and part of a wedding photo hundreds of yards from the Coble's house. Instead of holding services today, the church chose to help people impacted by the tornado.

As I walked through what was once a 3,000-square-foot farm house in El Reno that had been around for 117 years, Wade Coble said seeing the state of his home was a surreal experience.

"Some people may just look at this and think it's destroyed,” he said. “I look at it, and I see flashbacks, like ‘Titanic,’ like when they show it all destroyed, and then they show it looking good. I look at my house, and I see it the way it was."

The Cobles paid all their rent at the home by caring for their elderly landlord, his land and his animals -- horses, cows, llamas, dogs and rabbits. Fortunately no one was injured on the property, and only a few animals were lost, including a llama and a dog.

Wade and Angela seemed upbeat as friends, family members and total strangers helped them gather personal belongings from the ruins of their home, helping make the best of a terrible situation. 

The Cobles and their four children weren’t home when the storm hit, and they stayed with friends Saturday night and plan to stay for dinner again Sunday. But they do not know what their future holds for them or where they will be sleeping.

In an effort to help the Cobles get back on their feet, friends and church members plan on throwing another wedding shower for the couple, even though they’ve been married for six years. 

Mike Fuentes for NBC News

Wade Coble looks through what used to be his kitchen.