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Egypt concerned over Ethiopia's plan to divert the Nile

Mohamed Abd El Ghany / Reuters

An Egyptian farmer holds soil to show the effects of a drought on a farm formerly irrigated by the Nile River, in Al-Dakahlya, about 75 miles from Cairo, on June 4. Egyptians are concerned that Ethiopia's ambitious hydroelectric dam project on the Nile will impact downstream neighbors.

By Hamza Hendawi, The Associated Press

CAIRO — Politicians meeting with Egypt's president on Monday proposed hostile acts against Ethiopia, including backing rebels and carrying out sabotage, to stop it from building a massive dam on the Nile River upstream.

Some of the politicians appeared unaware the meeting with President Mohammed Morsi was being carried live on TV. Morsi did not directly react to the suggestions, but said in concluding remarks that Egypt respects Ethiopia and its people and will not engage in any aggressive acts against the East African nation.

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