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Barges sunk, pushed into place in effort to shore up @!$%# in Germany

Jens Wolf / AFP - Getty Images

A third barge is pushed to a broken @!$%# in Fischbeck, Germany, on June 16, after two barges were countersunk with the intent to close a leak in the @!$%#.

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Thoms Butzek / EPA

Smoke rises in the air after blasts that sunk two ships to close the gap in a broken @!$%# in Fischbeck, Germany on June 15. Germany's 16 state premiers agreed with federal officials on an $10.6 billion funding target for aid to repair buildings and farmland devastated this month by floods.

Bundeswehr / AP

An aerial view shows the flooded area around Fischbeck, Germany, at the Elbe River, June 15.