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Protesters try to overturn bus as demonstrations continue in Brazil

Christophe Simon / AFP - Getty Images

Demonstrators try to overturn a bus on June 19 in the center of Niteroi, near Rio de Janeiro.

Nicolas Tanner / AP

A protester shouts during an anti-government protest in Rio de Janeiro's sister city, Niteroi, on June 19.

By Bradley Brooks, The Associated Press

Leaders in Brazil's two biggest cities said Wednesday that they have reversed an increase in bus and subway fares that ignited protests across the nation. 

However, many doubted the move would help abate the demonstrations that have moved well beyond the outrage over the fare hikes into communal cries against poor public services in Latin America's biggest nation. Continue reading...

Christophe Simon / AFP - Getty Images

A demonstrator walks with a Brazilian flag late on June 19 in the center of Niteroi, near Rio de Janeiro.

Tasso Marcelo / AFP - Getty Images

Thousands of demonstrators walk in downtown Niteroi on June 19.

Andre Penner / AP

Protesters line a highway barrier in front of a burning barricade of tires near the Castelao Stadium in Fortaleza, Brazil, on June 19. Protesters cut off the main access road to the stadium where Brazil was to play Mexico in the Confederations Cup soccer tournament.

Nelson Antoine / AP

A hike in bus fares sparked protests expressing anger over government spending at the perceived expense of social programs.

A YouTube video captures a moment of peace amidst chaos during the Brazil protests when police join demonstrators and sit down in a Sao Paolo street. NBCNews.com's Dara Brown reports. 

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