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Little boy joins Pope Francis on stage, refuses to leave

L'Osservatore Romano via AFP - Getty Images

A boy hugs Pope Francis as he addresses the crowd at St Peter's Square in the Vatican on the occasion of Family Day, Oct. 26, 2013.

A 7-year-old provided comic relief for the Pope as he ran on stage, sat in the Pope's seat – and eventually gave the Pope a hug. The entire time, Pope Francis never missed a beat while delivering a speech about family in St. Peter's Square. NBC's Anne Thompson reports.

A young boy joined Pope Francis on stage in front of an estimated crowd of 150,000 people on Saturday, and liked his moment in the limelight so much that he decided to stick around.

The boy hugged the pope's legs as he made his address at an event titled Family, Live the Joy of Faith!

Aides encouraged the boy to return to his seat, but he was having none of it.

After hanging out with the pontiff for a while the boy eventually settled for the best seat in the house, taking a pew on the pope's special white chair.

Franco Origlia / Getty Images

The boy points to the crowd.

Tiziana Fabi / AFP - Getty Images

Perhaps getting bored, the boy begins to play around with the Pope's microphone.

L'Osservatore Romano via AFP - Getty Images

Pope Francis pats the boy on the head.


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